Olga K.

Published on Jul 30, 2022

Dating apps are platforms through which many solid couples have been formed. However, some people find it difficult to find love on these dating applications because many people misrepresent themselves on them. Have you ever experienced such a story? In this article, we will explain why these people misrepresent themselves on online sites and how to unmask them. Everything in life has a reason, right? So, why do you think many people opt for fake profiles? The majority of people who choose to post fake profiles have reasons that they believe are well-founded. Some do it to look like a perfect partner, others do it to please, to get attention and others.

To look like a perfect partner

Creating a profile on a dating site is the perfect opportunity for many people to present themselves as the person they would have liked /lovés to be. Indeed, when you create a profile on a dating site, you are free to lie about what you like or not. Thus, people who falsely present themselves on online sites generally do so by presenting qualities that they do not possess. In addition, others put photos that are not theirs. In short, they pretend to be someone they are not. The result is that you will see in these profiles, ideal partners. However, in real life, you will be surprised by their behavior and their physical appearance which often has nothing to do with it.

If something in the person's profile seems "out of the ordinary", it may be because they are not telling the truth about who they are.

The pressure to conform

On dating sites, you will find some people who will lie to you about their age, height or weight. This is in order to conform to society's ideal. However, people who Be have in this way are usually people who lack confidence or who are not good at picking up people on the streets. Also, while this may help them find matches initially, it will usually lead to problems when their true identity is revealed.

Fear of rejection

For many people, online dating is a way to avoid the discomfort of face-to-face rejection. These are usually people who are shy or would not dare to date in person. By misrepresenting themselves on their profiles, they are able to protect themselves from immediate rejection by potential partners. However, it also means that they are likely to attract partners who also present themselves under a fake profile. This can lead to frustration and disappointment on the first date.

Getting attention

Some people create fake profiles in order to receive compliments or boost their own self-esteem by receiving attention. While this may provide temporary satisfaction, it ultimately leads to feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Indeed, this kind of relationship usually does not materialize into anything real or lasting.

How to detect fake profiles in online dating applications

If something in the person's profile seems "out of the ordinary", it may be because they are not telling the truth about who they are. Indeed, you should be wary(vigilant) of anyone who seems to promise more than they can deliver. For example, they might say they're looking for a serious relationship, when they just want to flirt. Others may claim to be single when they are married.